Lil Gnar Rolls A "Lazy Blunt" On "How To Roll" & Explains His Hatred For Wax

Alex Zidel
September 27, 2018 17:21

Lil Gnar is not too picky with his weed, but he won't smoke your wax.

Lil Gnar is a busy man these days. He's admittedly always in a rush as he's been living in the studio: music or tattoo. He's constantly working on his craft so he doesn't have much time to roll. With a mixtape dropping tomorrow, we could be witnessing the birth of a star. Seriously, Gnar's name has been absolutely everywhere these days. As somebody that's always on the go, it makes sense that he prefers to smoke blunts but even still, he'll limit his intake to a few backwoods per day. Gnar describes his rolling style as "lazy," getting everything prepped in a matter of minutes without a care for how things ultimately turn out.

He sat down with us for the latest episode of "How to Roll" to speak about his smoking tendencies, revealing that he's not too into smoking anything other than indica strains. Sativa in basically off-limits for Gnar, as well as anything that has to do with wax or shatter. Living in L.A., he's around a lot of wax but he's adamant about sticking to his indica strains. 

He also spoke a little about his upcoming mixtape. It was originally expected to drop on September 14, as he says in the video, but it was delayed until this week. This is his debut effort so we're finally getting the first taste of what a Gnar project will sound like. He describes it as very versatile, with styles ranging from melodic to full-on metal, which will be interesting to hear. Gnar Lif3 comes out tomorrow.

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