Lil Dicky has returned to Sway In The Morning, and this time, he's hellbent on spitting. A man of principle, Sway explains that no friendship with Leonardo DiCaprio (complete with bathroom privileges) or star-studded singles can stifle the truth: when one enters the Valley Of The Hyenas, one must have bars. You may recall Dicky's previous Sway In The Morning freestyle, which currently sits at 20 million YouTube Views. From that point onward, many skeptics were convinced of Dicky's acumen, when he chose to apply himself accordingly. This time around, he wastes little time in getting to business, taking to the banging instrumental with an effortless flow.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

As per usual, his comedic presence remains dominant, as he deftly pulls flowers from beneath his desk for Tracy's benefit. "The only Percocet I fuck with is breasts," he announces, one of many clever punchlines inserted throughout. It's clear that he's toying around with the schemes, spitting lines like "rapping in France, I never need an advance, I switch it up like I'm trans / although I'm the Trojan Man, I'm eating the pussy like cervical cancer." In response to that, all Sway can do is shout an incredulous "woah!" 

"All my fans are getting mad at me, they just want to hear me spazzing out," he raps. "I just had to put some smashes out, how is this shit a pop star, rap name is a dick joke, how did he make it this far?" Perhaps his ability to casually murder freestyles played a role. Check it out below.