Ever since he assembled a laundry list of celebrities and singers to join him on the charitable single "Earth," Lil Dicky has proven himself to be a man of the people. Though some weren't entirely on board for Dicky's ambitious and wholesome single, the purpose behind its existence was an undeniably noble one. Now, one year removed from its Earth Day release, Dicky has decided to put his money where his mouth is and hold it down with a massive donation of over $800,000 dollars, money aimed to help with climate change and COVID-19 relief. 

Lil Dicky Earth

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

"I’m very honored and humbled that we’re able to give this money to these organizations, and super thankful of all of the artists on this song who made this possible," he explains, by way of a press release. "And of course, thank you to every Earthling out there for listening and spreading the word. Unfortunately, the fight to save this planet isn’t even close to over, and we’re going to have to amplify our efforts way more to turn this thing around. Because pretty soon, it’ll be too late." 

"Even though times have never been scarier with the COVID-19 pandemic, it has shown me something: that we can modify our day-to-day behavior to adapt to a crisis when it’s right in front of us," he continues. "Even if you don’t feel the climate crisis at every moment, it is truthfully right in front of us." As such, Dicky's donation will arrive in the form of $100,000 grants to six organizations -- Amazon Frontlines, Carbon Cycle Institute, Global Greengrants Fund, Quick Response Fund For Nature, Shark Conservation Fund, and The Solutions Project -- as well as an additional $215,000 to launch the COVID-19 x Climate Response Fund. 

Much respect to Lil Dicky for doing this, and be sure to catch the man's comedic stylings in his new original series Dave, currently airing its ninth episode tonight.