Ever since Lil Boosie's surprise return on March 5th, we've seen a big influx of Boosie-related content to the site, whether it be news about Boosie,new tracks or a video of his first freestyle in the car ride home from jail. Today, we keep that content coming with another Boosie interview. Following his press conference which was streamed live yesterday, Complex spoke to the Baton Rouge native, and as it turns out, he won't be living in Baton Rouge for much longer.

When it comes to leaving Lousiana, Boosie told Complex, "Nah, it’s always gon’ be home, but I don’t wanna live there anymore…I’mma always give back to Baton Rouge, but as far as living there? As far as laying my head there? Nah, nah. I got to go to a city where I ain’t the only one driving a Bentley Coup. Getting pulled over every day. So, it’s not about that. It’s just about—It’s about your future. You can’t stay in one place."

Boosie also spoke on writing down his life story for a film he dubbed "Boosie The Movie", and being compared to one of the greats, Tupac. Boosie goes on to say that the Tupac comparisons are privilege, and says the comparisons started before his return home.

"It’s a privilege to get compared to Tupac. This didn’t start when I came home. This been going on way before I came home," Boosie explained. "Cause we both got heartfelt music. And when you got heartfelt music you get put in that category with Tupac. And I can make—And I always did make that music that touched people, man. You know it’s different...like some artists can have three million fans, and some artists can have a million fans, but a heartfelt artist, a million fans love him five times more than that other artist three million fans…And when you get in that heartfelt category with Tupac, you special to people."

Finally, Boosie updated us on when we can expect a new album or single. As we reported on yesterday, Boosie wrote 1,018 songs while he was locked up, so there is definitely some music he can work with when it comes to creating a new album,

"I’ll probably be releasing a single real soon. I’m working on the album already," he said. "I’m in the studio right now. I got like 15 songs I done did in three days. It’s hot, dog. That’s all I can say…I’m ready to go to work. So, anybody in the industry you wanna collab, we can make something happen, man."

Watch the full interview below via HHDX.