Lil Boosie Responds to Baby Mama Exposing Him As Her Brother's Killer: Report

  July 16, 2018 11:36
Lil Boosie
The rapper is also accused of threatening to abuse his daughter and kill her mother.

Lil Boosie is caught up in some baby mama drama. His daughter's mother took to Instagram live to air out some of their family's dirty, including how he threated to kill her. The rapper's daughter, Tori, is said to have received these abusive messages targetting her mother. The live clip was broadcast through Tori's account. During the session, a clip is played that appears to capture Boosie's voice threatening to blacken Tori's eye and kill her mother as he did Tori's uncle. The rapper was previously accused of playing a role in her uncle's death but was acquitted for lack of evidence.


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Lil Boosie had time to respond to these claims. He did not actually engage in a logical rebuttal, however. Instead, he opted to discredit the woman's assertions by portraying her as morally weak. He laughs as he tries to shame her for sexual activities they participated in together:"B*tch, you a h*e. You f*cked two best friends at the same time."

Now, his belief that her character is laughable did not keep him from impregnating her. The woman says their relationship started when she was 16 but was never acknowledged publicly. 


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MUSIC Lil Boosie Responds to Baby Mama Exposing Him As Her Brother's Killer: Report