Lil Baby has come a long way since his entry into the game, launching a run that has since culminated in the release of My Turn. With many already touting the project to be his most mature release thus far, it's no wonder songs like "Emotionally Scarred" have been standing out amidst the bangers. It's important to see artistry evolve and Lil Baby's willingness to explore more personal subject matter bodes well for his longevity moving forward. 

Lil Baby My Turn Emotionally Scarred

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

The Atlanta rapper has decided to bless the VEVO studios with a powerful rendition of the My Turn highlight. Stepping into the studio cast in ambiance-setting blue light, Baby steps to the mic for a raw rendition. Though the autotune does its part in masking some of his pain, Baby's lyrics paint a decent picture all the same. At times, it's truthfully difficult to discern whether he's laying down live vocals or simply lip-syncing to a pre-existing audio track -- either way, it's still a visually striking performance from the rising rapper, even if his breaths are few and far between. 

Check out his intimate rendition of "Emotionally Scarred," in which both hats and jackets are removed to prove emphatic points, below. Have you listened to Lil Baby's My Turn yet? If so, where do you feel it ranks in his catalog thus far?