Lil B had an interesting week on social media, commenting on a variety of issues that have been grabbing headlines over the last little while. First, he went on a multi-day rant truth-spreading odyssey about race relations in the United States, which certainly drew the ire of more than a few Twitter users in the process. Then, on the same platform, Lil B went on to drag Kenyon MartinHospin and Post Malone for various reasons. He says he put a curse on the former NBA star Martin, while he noted that Post Malone would transform into a country artist that "hates blacks" in a few years. Today, more bad news came the rapper's way, but this time it wasn't just deflecting barbs from the Internet trolls: Facebook has officially banned him for 30 days because he was supposedly using hate speech.

In a report that appeared in Motherboard, a representative for the Harvard-born social media network has confirmed that Lil B will be unable to log in and post any more material, at least for the next month or so. At this point, there's no telling which posts of B's violated Facebook's hate speech policies because the powers at be have already deleted them. If you ask the rap personality, this isn't the first time the blue-themed social media network has had it in for him. According to Lil B, Facebook has already suspended him once before, in 2014Similar acts supposedly led to his culpability. However, this new affront has caused B to speak out and renounce the decision.

“Found out Facebook banned me for 30 days because I was talking about white people… got it," wrote a disgruntled Lil B on Twitter, going on to say that he was grossly misunderstood as far as the content of his posts goes. “Everyone let the world no that lil b Facebook has been blocked and I can’t log in! Please let Facebook no I’m only spreading love," he proclaimed earlier this month, on October 4th. There has been no elaboration from the decision makers over at Facebook, so there's little hope that they'll show any signs of leniency towards the rapper's behavior.