Le'Veon Bell has said farewell to Miami and returned to Pittsburgh but he still has not met with the Steelers as the Week 11 deadline rapidly approaches. According to ESPN, Bell must report to the team by Tuesday, November 13, before the Steelers' Week 11 game against the Jaguars in Jacksonville, or he forfeits the season. He would be eligible to become a free agent in 2019 if the Steelers do not place a franchise tag on him for the third time.

With all of that in mind, the 26-year old Pro Bowler took to twitter last night with a pair of cryptic tweets - both of which were posted in an upside down font. The tweets read:

"Just about everybody has an opinion on my life and worried about what I'm doing. Don't judge me off my decision because maybe this isn't what you'd do.... But most people don't take the time to simply read between the lines and that's clearly on them. I'm not going to apologize for what I believe is right for myself, family and the rest of my peers, period.... Also, if you're really finding the time to figure out what I'm saying you've proved my point."

As mentioned, Bell is currently in Pittsburgh and he was spotted playing pickup hoops at an L.A. Fitness in North Pittsburgh on Tuesday night. Footage of Bell's run at L.A. Fitness surfaced shortly after he took the court, but he still hasn't made an appearance at the Steelers' practice facility.

Pittsburgh, 5-2-1, will host the Carolina Panthers tonight to kick off Week 10.