Huge news broke in the NBA today when it was revealed that Anthony Davis would waive his $4 million trade kicker in order to give the Los Angeles Lakers enough cap space to sign another max player. This is a big development for the Lakers as they were about to head into free agency with some pretty obvious financial restrictions.

In light of this news, it was revealed by Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports that LeBron James will be giving up the No. 23 next season and will pass it on to Davis, who is reportedly very appreciative of the gesture. Davis has worn the No. 23 since the start of his career, while LeBron has worn it for the majority of his career, except his four seasons in Miami. Between 2010 and 2014, James wore the No. 6 and it is believed that's what he'll return to next season.

Earlier today, LeBron hinted at the return of his signature chalk toss which was a staple of his time in Miami. Perhaps this admission was a simple case of foreshadowing what was to come today.

With LeBron and Davis at the helm of the Lakers, they will certainly be title contenders next year and if they get another max player, they will be deadly.