LeBron James has been able to go through his whole career without any personal scandals and when you're a big star like him, that's almost next to impossible. James has been a role model for kids and aspiring athletes around the world and much of it is because he has such a sturdy head on his shoulders. While LeBron deserves a ton of credit for what he has accomplished, he would probably be quick to tell you that he couldn't do it without his wife, Savannah Brinson.

In a recent IG post, LeBron gave a cute little shout out to his high school sweetheart that will be keeping "Relationship Goals" accounts in business for the next few months. You can't help but feel LeBron's love for his wife pop out of the screen.

"The only reason why I can do what I do at the highest level both on and off the floor is my because my best friend got my back regardless the outcome! I’m just the car, she’s the engine! Appreciate you Wonder Woman aka Queen," James wrote.

Being the wife of an NBA star can't be easy so it's awesome to see Brinson stick by LeBron through thick and thin. It's clear that these two have each other's back no matter what.