A report from Yahoo Sports seems to indicate that on Friday night after the Los Angeles Lakers beat the New Orleans Pelicans by a score of 112-104, LeBron James treated his opponent Anthony Davis to a late night meal. All this comes off the heels of chatter within NBA offices about the effects of tampering. We ran a report yesterday which states that many general managers around want the NBA to sanction LeBron James for his overt "recruitment" of Anthony Davis, and that was before they learned of their alleged dinner date.

For what it's worth, Anthony Davis has openly stated that he'd take "legacy over money" if it came down to a narrow decision. As you might already know, the Lakers' fancy AD as any person in their right mind would and should. Davis is a force to be reckoned with at both ends of the World, a rim protector, an outside threat, a diligent defender with good agility, a risky proposition under the basket, an undefendable offensive player when he catches fire at 18 feet, I could go on and on, you get the picture. Obviously, his teammates want to retain his services longterm, but they don't the same selling power as a LeBron James, even on their best day.