LeBron James recently noted that it would be "amazing" and "incredible" if Anthony Davis joined him on the Los Angeles Lakers. Duh.

It's certainly no surprise that LeBron would want to team up with the five-time All-Star center, but his public comments about the matter have some NBA GMs crying foul.

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, multiple NBA GMs are upset that the league won't enforce tampering rules, and they've reached out to New Orleans Pelicans GM Dell Demps to express their outage.

"It's New Orleans' problem today, and a problem with a different player tomorrow for the rest of us," one Eastern Conference GM told ESPN. "It's open season on small markets and our players."

"Interference is as bad as tampering -- maybe worse in this case," an Eastern Conference GM told ESPN. "This becomes a campaign meant to destabilize another organization, install chaos and unrest that make it harder to keep an environment that the player would want to stay in. There's no use in complaining to the league about it. We all get that it's a players' league, but there are rules on the books that they need to follow, too."

Another Western Conference GM tells ESPN: "If these are the rules, enforce them. If you want to push Anthony Davis in L.A., if you allow LeBron to interfere with teams, then just do it. Change the rules, and say, 'It's the wild, wild west and anything goes.'"

Davis is under contract with NOLA through the 2019-20 season but he has recently hired James' agent, Rich Paul of Klutch Sports, which has elevated the belief that Klutch will push the Pelicans to make a deal with the Lakers.

If AD doesn't sign the five-year, $235 million supermax with New Orleans next summer the team would likely look to trade him for several valuable assets rather than allowing him to walk as a free agent.