LeBron James and his wife Savannah Brinson have built quite an empire for themselves over the past decade and have cemented themselves as a power couple within the NBA and entertainment spheres. On Tuesday, Brinson celebrated her birthday and James made sure to post a heartfelt tribute to his queen. "Simply THANK YOU! Words can’t express my appreciation for you and it’s not for everyone else anyways cause they wouldn’t understand unless they been around this journey of ours. LIVE.LAUGH.LOVE. ENJOY YOUR DAY to the FULLEST!" LeBron wrote.

Yesterday, James posted another photo of his wife, this time from her birthday party. LeBron seems completely enamored with his wife which is great to see when you think about how they've been together since high school. He even refers to his wife as "Bad.As.A.Muthaf*^+a," revealing just how infatuated he really is. James also went on to call himself a lucky man which is certainly a sweet sentiment.

Interestingly enough, Brinson's birthday landed on Taco Tuesday which has become a tradition in the James household. There is no word on whether or not tacos were on the menu, although we're sure LeBron decided against it. You would think Brinson deserves something a tad fancier on her birthday.

She probably appreciated not having to yell "Taco Tuesday" on James' Instagram story.