He's continuing to walk his path of recovery, but there was a time in Lamar Odom's life when he was spiraling out of control. Six years ago, Odom was at the height of his alcohol, drug, and sex addiction, so the former Los Angeles Lakers star decided to pawn his two NBA championship rings. They went up for auction back in December 2019, but it's obviously something that Odom deeply regrets.

Lamar Odom Kobe Bryant
Stephen Dunn / Staff / Getty Images

TMZ caught up with the retired baller as he was out and about at the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles with his fiancé Sabrina Parr. Of course, the TMZ cameraman asked Lamar about his thoughts regarding his friend and former teammate Kobe Bryant's tragic death. "I miss my guy," Odom said. "Real talk. I'll miss him just for his advice. First advice I would ask him for [would be] how do I get these fans to forgive me for pawning those rings?"

He added that he would also miss Kobe's "brotherhood and leadership... My condolences to his kids and his wife, as well." Odom called himself and Kobe the "perfect lockerroom combination as far as personalities are concerned. Me, him, and Derek Fisher kinda led the lockerroom." Check out Lamar Odom's clip with TMZ in full below.