A couple of weeks ago, Lamar Odom was cut and deactivated from Ice Cube's Big 3 league. Odom has had an interesting last few years and has been dedicating himself to getting right and becoming healthy again. Part of his mission was to play professional basketball again and the Big3 would have been the first step to that journey. Unfortunately, it didn't work out for him and now he has to start all over with whoever can give him an opportunity. During a recent interview with TMZ, Odom said that he is working out and gearing up for a return to basketball. In fact, he's willing to go anywhere.

"I’m gonna play professional basketball again," Odom said. "Maybe in the Philippines or something like that."

After being cut by the Big3, Odom made a long Instagram post about his feelings towards the entire process. As you can imagine, he was disappointed but was already hinting at his return to the court.

"I respect [Ice Cube] & the other league executives, however, I am extremely disappointed with the way that this has been handled. Besides the embarrassment, it’s disappointing to read on IG that this decision had been made, especially without sharing it with myself or my manager," Odom said.

Moving forward, it will be interesting to see where Odom winds up as he continues his journey.