Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr seemed to be doing just fine a few months ago as they were both engaged and seemed to be as happy as ever. Unfortunately, things began to spiral out of control and now, the two are no longer together and Odom has been angered by what has gone on behind the scenes. While Parr claims much of it had to do with Odom's personal issues, the former basketball star believes it all has to do with Parr and her alleged deceitful ways.

Recently, Odom got to voice his side of the story during an episode of The Real where he had some damning claims about his ex. In the clip below, Odom says that Parr was extremely deceitful and that she even went behind his back to release a documentary series about the two that was very clearly not finished yet.

Lamar Odom

Greg Doherty/Getty Images