According to Marc Stein of the New York Times, the Los Angeles Lakers could have signed DeMarcus Cousins to a comparable deal he inked with the Golden State Warriors. The door opened for Cousins shortly after Rajon Rondo signed on and Julius Randle's rights were renounced, but alas measures were taken to prevent it from happening. No one, including the Lakers' had envisioned the Golden State Warriors widening the field, their lineup scary just as it was.

Apparently, the Warriors were hoping to lure Kevin Durant's friend DeAndre Jordan with their mic level exception, but the ex-Clipper used his leverage to nab long term coverage with the Mavericks', a team which solubly changed their fortunes at the 2018 Draft. With cap space clearly on the books in Los Angeles after doing away with Randle's contract, the Lakers option was no less a priority for Cousins and his team.

As Stein reported, Cousins spoke with the Lakers' brass at the onset of free agency and arranged a meeting, which inevitably never took place. His meeting with the Golden State Warriors certainly changed his outlook. Coming off an Achilles tear, teams were reluctant to give Cousins the term and figures offered to DeAndre Jordan during the initial recruitment phase.

The Warriors can afford to let him rehab his injury for half the season without losing much in return, and Cousins in turn gets a viable shot at adding a ring to his resume before cashing out in the offseason. The Lakers passing up a similar arrangement in the $5 million range remains an inconceivable mystery or mistake, depending on the outcome of Boogie's 2018-19 season.