With free agency right around the corner, some of the best players in the NBA will have to make some pretty big decisions as to where they want to play next season. In past years, the Los Angeles Lakers have been one of those teams that is enticing to players thanks to their winning culture and standards of excellence. Well, over the last few years all of the things that have made the Lakers exciting have gone out the window and now the team is struggling to bring big stars to the team.

In a recent report from ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, the analyst explains how the only player looking to come to Los Angeles is Anthony Davis and that other free agents are trying to avoid the Lakers.

“If the Lakers are drafting at No. 4 on draft night, they're in trouble because that means they didn't make an Anthony Davis trade done," Wojnarowski said. "Right now, they are not a frontrunner or even really a major consideration among any of the elite free agents.”

Davis is hoping to be traded by the Pelicans and will be a free agent in 2020 which means he will be looking to sign somewhere long term. As far as odd are concerned, it looks like the Lakers are the heavy favorites to land AD so at least fans of the team have something to be hopeful about.