Kylie Cosmetics, the company that made Kylie Jenner a billionaire by slyly promoting lipstick alongside Kylie's artificially plumped lips (may they rest in piece), will now be available in brick-and-mortar stores across the US. The retailer that mademoiselle Jenner has chosen is called Ulta Beauty and they will have exclusive rights to sell the cosmetics that also exist virtually as an Instagram filter. 

This is apparently very good news. Currently, if you want to make your lips matte, you have to go online and make a hail-Mary purchase without seeing it in person or trying the colour on your actual face (unless you count the Instagram filter that does it for you?). Not for long! The lipsticks will arrive in stores this "holiday season" which presumably means Christmas, which actually means November. Kylie announced the news via Twitter: 

For those reckless consumers who simply cannot wait for the more safe option of a physical purchase, there is currently a labour day sale on at the Kylie Cosmetics website and, following in her baby-daddy's footsteps, she's releasing a line of merch. Maybe Travis Scott will release a lipstick.