Kylie Jenner has been heralded for her entrepreneurial spirit and her business success, recently gracing the cover of Forbes magazine. Her father Caitlyn Jenner has enjoyed her own respective success and according to a new report by The Blast, is gearing up to work on a skincare line. Caitlyn's latest business pursuit may, however, prove to be detrimental to her allegedly already tense relationship with her youngest daughter. 

The Blast has obtained documents proving that Caitlyn trademarked the names “Skincare by Caitlyn Jenner, ” "Skincare by Jenner,” “Jenner Skincare,” and “Caitlyn Jenner Skincare” for a forthcoming cosmetics venture she plans to take on. The products will reportedly serve as “non-medicated skin care preparations” ranging from skin lotions, skin moisturizers, facial balms, skin masks, and skin peels. Last month, Kylie purportedly moved to trademark a line of her own, “Kylie Skin." Kylie's line is expected to produce many of the products that Caityn's plans to causing for conflict between father and daughter. 

It is said that relations between Caitlyn and Kardashian-Jenner clan, have been tense for a number of years now. Caitlyn has been accused of neglecting to be present in the lives of her extended family members. Though Caityln reserves the right to trademark anything she deems fit, Kylie and her momager Kris may take issue with the fact that Caitlyn's future products may be confused with Kylie's.