While the collaboration album seemed to have been unceremoniously snuffed out in 2017, due to an overwhelming supply and not nearly enough demand, KXNG Crooked has pitched an idea destined to have hip-hop heads salivating. Taking to Twitter to field a variety of fan questions, the elite Slaughterhouse lyricist took a moment to address one fan's request for a KXNG Crooked & Eminem collaboration album, molded in the same vein as Bad Meets Evil.

KXNG Crooked Eminem

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images 

Crook came through with a surprisingly optimistic response, writing that he would indeed do his part in making the partnership happen. "When social distancing is over let’s all go to Detroit and speak to him about this. I’m serious. Who’s with me?" he writes, thus sparking a new wave of hope in this dark and trying time.

Of course, it should be noted that the fate of Bad Meets Evil 2 is still uncertain, and it might be difficult for Eminem to balance a pair of partnerships at the same time. Yet Em has spoken nothing but highly of Crook's pen, all but gushing over the Slaughterhouse rapper's pedigree during their sit-down on Crook's Corner. Last we saw, Em and Crook were linking up on Music To Be Murdered By's "I Will," a miniature Slaughterhouse reunion, save for Joe Budden -- perhaps, if Em and Crook do link up for a joint album, they can bury the hatchet once and for all and coax Budden out of retirement.