Kool A.D., formerly of Das Racist, has officially addressed some of the recent accusations of sexual misconduct. While some of the initial stories have since been deleted, you can read one of the allegations right here, detailing a night with Kool A.D. and some of the members of Das Racist.

In response, the rapper has taken to Twitter to apologize for his behavior, addressing his fans and everyone he let down through his actions.  "I have been taking a long, hard, sober look at myself and my past actions. I have caused a lot of pain, I have hurt people that deserved nothing but love," he wrote, before continuing:

"My behavior perpetuated the dehumanizing misogyny and patriarchy of the system of oppression that I have tried to live in opposition to. I internalized the mental, emotional and spiritual poisons of the deeply sick, toxic system that hurts us all, and with the aid of drugs and alcohol, allowed myself to become an instrument of that very system, causing great and very much needless pain. I'm saddened and disgusted with my weakness and hypocrisy and baffled at the massive cognitive dissonance that has been at work in my mind."

He seems intent on righting his wrongs, and vows to be a better man for the sake of his daughter. "I want to be a good person, a good father to my daughter and a good example to the men that she will encounter in her life. I'm taking steps to unlearn the ugly, dangerous ways of thinking that have become entrenched in me." He concludes with what seems like a heartfelt apology, stating "In addition to my sincerest apologies to the women in my life whom I have hurt, I apologize to fans of my work. I let you down. I didn't live up to the ideals I espoused. I hope that one day I can."

Check out the entire statement below.