Yesterday’s celebration at news that promising Florda rapper Kodak Black would be released from jail may have to come to a halt as new updates come in from the Broward Sherrif’s Office in Broward County, Florida. During the release process it was discovered that Kodak Black, real name Dieuson Octave, had two active arrest warrant that were somehow overlooked through out his arrest and multiple court hearings.

Kodak Black would have been just a few hours from freedom, as the two warrants were only discovered during the release process. Broward County Sherrif’s spokesperson Joy Oglesby was not able to clarify what the two warrants were for specifically, but did reveal that “one of them is a no-bond hold,” further explaining that “at this point he’s still going to be in jail. He’s not going to be released.”

A no-bond hold means the warrant doesn’t come with a standard bail amount, and Kodak will have to appear before a judge to have his bail set before he could feasible post it. The 19 year old rapper was originally facing charges which carried a maximum sentence of 55 years, but he got off with a very light sentence; only one year of house arrest and 5 years probation, during which time he would be allowed to tour worldwide.

We will update once we know how this will affect Kodak Black’s sentence.

[via the Sun-Sentinel]