Kodak Black's failure to meet his contractual obligations have resulted in a six-figure lawsuit. According to The Blast, Kodak Black's been hit with a lawsuit by a promoter who claims the rapper screwed him over by bailing on three concerts.

A man from Arizona by the name of Nicholas Fitts is taking Kodak Black to court for blowing off three scheduled performances in 2017 after Kodak made a talent engagement agreement with Fitts. In the lawsuit, Fitts claims that Kodak was contractually obliged to perform on March 3rd in New York but he failed to show up. Kodak later rescheduled with the promoter for an April 2017 date but again, Kodak failed to show up. Fitts rescheduled with Kodak for the third time but history repeated itself and Kodak bailed again. 

The promoter said that he spent thousands and thousands of dollars on the promotion of the concert as well as securing a venue.

Fitts claims that his reputation has taken a blow by the incident, adding that he had "suffered a loss of ticket revenue, directly resulting from Kodak Black’s refusal to fulfill his contractual obligations under the terms of the Agreements, totaling more than $500,000.00, including reimbursement of funds from ticket presales.”

Nicholas Fitts is suing Kodak Black for $500K in damages.

We'll keep you posted with updates on the lawsuit.