Kodak Black's fate continues to hang suspended, given the tumultuous nature of his ever-changing legal circumstances. The rapper recently found himself facing some hard time after allegedly "falsifying information" on a gun application, the latest of many missteps he's taken across 2019. Now, with ten years of hard time staring back at him, Kodak's prosecutors are looking to take a firm stance against the young Floridian rapper. TMZ reports that the feds are moving to stop prevent his bail from occurring, deeming him a flight risk and citing his repeat offender status as a main piece of evidence.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Apparently, they feel he has never made good on his probationary prerequisites before, so they're not optimistic he'll suddenly turn over a new leaf. The court document cites a pattern of sorts, describing Kodak's modus operandi "to be arrested, get released, get arrested, get released, get arrested, get released, and so on and so on." Apparently, they also point to the "violent" nature of his crimes, tying him to a shooting in March, and harkening back to an armed robbery and carjacking from 2012. 

Kodak's lawyer Bradford Cohen has fought back on the position, posing a counter to the prosecutors' unwavering position. "If they were in such fear for the community as its being alleged, why didn't they pick him up soon after he filled out the paperwork in January? That's what this charge is about, paperwork, a non-violent crime." 

As of yet, the judge has yet to issue a ruling. As for Kodak, it's difficult to say whether he can bounce back from this avalanche of legal problems. At what point does something have to give?