Five-time NBA champion and Oscar winner Kobe Bryant made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to disucss what it was like winning an Oscar, how the nerves compared to a last second shot in basketball, who he was most excited to meet at the Oscars and his future in the entertainment industry.

In addition to the Oscars talk, Kobe also discussed his upcoming show called "Detail," and revealed what it was like getting into a fist fight with Shaq. According to the Black Mamba, it all went down during a trash-talk heavy scrimmage amid the 1998 NBA Lockout.

"I must've been the craziest 19-year-old in the world to fight this guy ... at that point, you just gotta say look man, you're either gonna beat the hell outta me, but you're gonna know that I'm not gonna back down."

Check out footage from Kobe's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live below. The fight talk begins at about the 2:30 mark in the first video.

ESPN partnered with Kobe’s studio, Granity Studios, to produce the new 15-episode basketball series called "Detail," which will debut sometime this month and conclude with The NBA Finals. Kobe will serve as a writer, producer and host of the show.

According to the press release, viewers will experience Kobe's game observations as if he were one of the players featured in an ESPN game played the night before. The goal of the show is to help young athletes, players and coaches see the game in a different way, through the eyes of the Black Mamba.

"Studying game film is how the best get better. It’s the university for a master’s degree in basketball," Bryant said. "I learned how to study film from the best coaches of all time—Phil Jackson and Tex Winter. Detail provides an opportunity to teach that skill to the next generation on large platform with ESPN."

This isn't the first time that Kobe's Granity Studios have teamed with ESPN. In fact, it'll be their third venture together.