Kobe Bryant has already won an Academy Award for his work in the visual arts and now the NBA legend is looking to continue his work in the industry as he directed a recent commercial for sports drink company BODYARMOR. Bryant is an investor in the company which is also the official sports drink provider of the NCAA and the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament. The commercial, which made its debut today to mark the start of the tournament, features NBA stars Donovan Mitchell and James Harden.

The ad pokes fun at Gatorade as the narrator poses the question of whether or not Harden and Mitchell would use old technology to fill out their brackets. This prompts the narrator to explain that they wouldn't do such a thing, so why would they drink an outdated sports drink? Of course, they are talking about Gatorade.

In addition to the ad campaign, BODYARMOR is also doing a bracket challenge where fans can compete against BODYARMOR athletes like Harden and Mike Trout to see who can make the best tournament predictions.

Check out the Kobe-directed commercial above and be sure to watch March Madness this week to get an overwhelming fix of college basketball.