There is no finite way to mourn the loss of a global icon such as Kobe Bryant.

In the aftermath of the tragic helicopter crash, fans in the Los Angeles area have flocked to Staples Center to pay their respects while teams across the league paid tribute in their own ways. Bryant's former teammates and coaches, as well as those who played against him have shared their fondest memories, and members of the media have tried their best to shed light on Kobe the father, just as much as the Black Mamba we all came to know and respect on the court.

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In addition to all of the written and verbal anecdotes, street artists have quickly erected murals in Kobe's honor - both in Los Angeles and around the globe. On Monday, graffiti artist Jules Muck unveiled a colorful tribute to Kobe and his 13-year old daughter Gianna in L.A. Shortly thereafter, another massive mural was revealed at the Tenement basketball court in Manila, Philippines.

"We will continue to mourn the loss, but more important is that we make sure the legacy of Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant lives in our hearts forever," Mike Swift, who helps organize The Tenement's murals, wrote on Instagram (H/T ESPN). "Philippines, our infatuation with basketball is unmatched and we know how much Kobe enjoyed coming to this country. This is the least we can do at the Tenement to let the world know much you mean to us Kobe!"

The image on the court is inspired by the heartwarming photo of Kobe and Gianna captured during the 2016 NBA All Star Game in Toronto, the last All Star Game that Kobe participated in. 

Elsa/Getty Images