Players for the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors are currently answering to the media today as tomorrow, they will embark on the NBA Finals. Of course, the Raptors are backed by one of the biggest artists in the world, Drake, and he will surely be a fixture courtside during the match. Drake has shown support for the Warriors in the past, so it will be a change of pace for the Warriors to see the artist rooting against them so ruthlessly.

Warriors guard Klay Thompson was asked about Drake's support today and was pretty diplomatic when it came to his answer. Thompson explained that he's still going to bump the artist's music because he's a big fan, although there are some songs he'll be skipping so that he can get his mind right.

Based on his answer, you can tell that Klay's not a huge fan of Drake's softer music. Thompson wants to get his mind right before a game so we can't blame him for wanting to listen to some more hard-hitting tracks. 

Thompson, who may or may not have been wearing clothes that his mom bought for him, drew some laughs from the media who were anxious to get their Drake questions off. 

Drake's music was most recently banned in Milwaukee, so perhaps it will be banned in Oakland soon enough.