Kim Possible was one of Disney's most popular shows, and now the cartoon series has finally locked down their main cast for a movie. The live-action film is set to premiere on the Disney Channel next year. According to TVline, newcomer Sadie Stanley is set to play Kim while American Pie and How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan has been cast as  Dr. Ann Possible, Kim’s brain surgeon mother. Sean Giambrone is set to play Ron Stoppable, Kim’s sidekick and love interest. Other actors that have been cast in the project are:

-Connie Ray as Nana Possible, Kim’s grandmother.

-Todd Stashwick as Dr. Drakken, Kim’s nemesis.

-Taylor Ortega as Shego, Dr. Drakken’s flame-fisted henchwoman.

-Erika Tham as Bonnie, Kim’s frenemy since childhood.

-Ciara Wilson as Athena, a new student at Kim’s school.

Casting is still underway for Kim's father and brothers. Todd Stashwick will make an interesting villain in the film, and you may recognize him as the actor who played Black Mask in Gotham. Kim Possible ran from 2002 to 2007 and lasted for 86 episodes. The original cast was comprised of Christy Carlson Romano (Kim Possible), Will Friedle (Ron Stoppable), Nancy Cartwright (Rufus), Tahj Mowry (Wade Load), John DiMaggio (Dr. Drakken), and Nicole Sullivan (Shego).