Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock actor Alec Balwin recently launched his own talk show television series, The Alec Baldwin Show. A little while back, Balwin welcomed beauty and media mogul Kim Kardashian West to the show where she discussed a myriad of her experiences and endeavors, including the moment she first discovered her step-father, Caitlyn Jenner, dressed as a woman before her transition. 

Kim, who recently turned 38 years old, revealed that she was 25 years old when she was blindsided by Caitlyn's transition. "I find out when I was, maybe 25," she shared. "I had walked in on Caitlyn all dressed up - my Mom was out of town - it was Bruce, but dressed up as a woman in the garage at my Mom's house. " She went on to explain feeling an overwhelming sense of shock and reaching out to her sister Kourtney Kardashian for comfort and a place to stay. "I ran in, packed a bag so fast, shaking, and called Kourtney and said 'I have to come spend the weekend with you,'" she shared. "I was hysterically crying and she just was like, 'what is it? Did you catch Bruce cheating?' and I was like, 'I wish, I don't know what I just saw.'" 

In the interview, Kim also discussed her work with prison reform and the role that her husband Kanye West played in encouraging her to speak to President Donald Trump about granting clemency to Alice Marie Johnson, a grandmother who spent over two decades in prison over a non-violent, first-time drug offense. She said that she believes that were it not for her husband's support of Trump, Johnson might still be in jail.

Watch excerpts from the interview below.