The Kardashians have found themselves in a decent number of lawsuits in the last year and now, Kim may be facing her biggest legal challenge yet. A few years ago, the reality star and businesswoman launched a line of emojis that were modelled after herself and her family. The product was appropriately titled Kimoji. For a small fee, you could use Kardashian-related emojis when texting your friends or engaging on social media. It was a big hit with her fans and many celebrities took the baton from Kim, making their own branded animations. It may all be coming back to bite the mogul in the behind though because the app developer she worked with to create Kimoji is suing her for $100 million. 

Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

TMZ is reporting that Kim was served with a gigantic lawsuit today by David Liebensohn and his business partners. His product, CensorOut, reportedly caught Kim's eye and she decided to work with Liebensohn. Legal documents read that Kim initially agreed to cut them 60% of the profits for developing the app after making a deal in 2014. However, when she filed for a trademark for "Kimoji," she learned that one of Liebensohn's associates had shared her personal information, backing out of the deal. Kardashian is being sued for $100 million for fraud, breach of contract, and the profits he believes he would have made from Kimoji.

Kim has been hailed as a tech mogul for her work with app creation. She has several different products on the app store, including a game, a lifestyle blog and, of course, Kimoji. Time will tell what the outcome will be in this lawsuit.

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