Kim Kardashian sees red when the headline goes against her or her family. Elle Magazine put her loyalty to the test, inviting her to act as a honorary guest editor, allowing her to fix headlines as she saw fit.

The first headline that she touched up was a story that painted her son Saint as a genius. She saw little need to change the header, adding that he was able to spell the word "Gargantuan" by the age of two. 

Next up, Kim repackaged an article which referred to her Mom, Kris Jenner, as a "chubby-faced 22 year old." Kim felt obliged to make a fair distinction between baby fat and excess weight, thus changing the headline to "OMG! STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL, YOUTHFUL KRIS JENNER MODELS IN NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN SHOTS." Notice how Kim creates an aura of ambiguity around her mom's age. 

On the topic of hubby Kanye West, Kim is extra careful in her re-imaging. She admits that Kanye demonstrates his love language by sending her "mood boards" throughout the day. On the other hand, she warns internet users to stray using those flippant Get Out Memes, in reference to her hubby's mental health situation. Her executive duties call for protection on all dynasty members. It should be noted that a few of the headlines in question, have since been edited. Don't mess with a woman scorned.

Take it from Kim, if you don't create your own mythology, they'll do you in. See the video in full, down below.