Kim Kardashian took to her social media outlets this weekend to share some teasers of her upcoming Kardashians vs. Wests game show appearance on Family Feud, which we're looking forward to for the sole reason of hearing Kanye's answers. One TV show host who isn't welcoming the Kardashian family onto her show any time soon appears to be Judge Judy, who completely shot down the idea when TMZ approached her. Judge Judy's show has been airing for over two decades as she handles real small-claims cases inside her courtroom. 

A cameraman caught up with television's favorite judge to ask her if the Kardashians would be welcome to make an appearance on the show following their presence on the Steve Harvey-hosted game show. When asked if the famous family would be welcome to come to Judge Judy, Judy kept her response simple, saying, "No. Actually not." She and her husband visibly find the question humorous as they walk off giggling. The Kardashian family's presence in the entertainment world is second to none as the clan always finds a way into the headlines.

While they are known for having their own reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians, their appearance on Family Feud actually follows their previous presence on the show against Deion Sanders and his family in 2008. Are you looking forward to the upcoming Feud between the Wests and the Kardashian-Jenners?