KILLY Breaks Down Drake's Legacy, Being Toronto's Next Up, & More

Mitch Findlay
June 14, 2019 14:37

Killy breaks down "Light Path 8," Drake's legacy, and artistic evolution.

It's a big day for the City of Toronto. While the Raptors are enjoying their historical victory, Killy has come through with his most ambitious album thus far, Light Path 8. Off the bat, KILLY reveals that his favorite song to create was the introductory track "Lift Off," which ultimately transforms into a surreal and multifaceted musical journey. "I sat down and micromanaged the production on it," he reveals. "Or 'Half A Ticket," cause I was just punching in bars, essentially freestyled. It took me like, one sit down, maybe two hours to get down all the words." He reveals that he recorded the bulk of the album while on tour around the world, giving the project a low-key global flavor.

Upon listening to the album, it's clear that KILLY approached the production with a visionary's attention to detail. The musicality is meticulously arranged, with many different instrumental elements forming together. "When I brought the songs together I got the chance at customizing them in my own way, in the production side. Even though I don't play any instruments, I was very hands-on with it. I hired saxophone players, I brought in orchestras. A lot of instrumentation I brought in and curated."

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"I named my project after numerology," he explains. "There's like, multiple light paths that are individual to you, based on when you were born, what time you were born at. They're pretty accurate, almost very accurate. That cover represented that aspect of the album." He also details paying homage to Drake in "Lift Off," where he quotes Drizzy's opening "Forever" bars. "It's more of a homage. It's like, we all know who said that, we know he's the greatest," says KILLY. "I'm not taking anything away from the person who said that, Drake, but I'm saying according to speculation, the person that's the number one contender, for that title..." He gestures knowingly. "You know what I'm saying?" 

Be sure to check out Killy's Light Path 8an album that looks to make a lot of waves for the young rapper. If you haven't checked it out, be sure to celebrate that Raptor's Victory Day by supporting the 6ix on an artistic tip! 

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