With Christmas arriving tomorrow, we decided it was only appropriate to make our recent interview with Kid Ink Christmas-themed. Ink will no doubt be busy this holiday prepping the release of his debut album My Own Lane for the New Year (January 7th, to be exact), but nonetheless, even rappers have time to celebrate Christmas.

Ink tells us all about his best and worst Xmas gifts, as well as the one thing he wants for the holiday-- which isn't really something you can buy.

When Jen DeLeon asks the Cali native what he's wishing for this Christmas, he replies, "This Christmas I want...sleep." He continued, "[I get] three hours a day. That's not good for me. I need eight hours."

As for his favorite present he received, he says it was his PS1 when he was a kid. "Playstation 1...I think all the other ones I had to buy for myself after that." He added, "The worst present I ever received-- clothes that didn't fit."

Finally the RCA signee shed some light on his own family and who is the hardest to buy for. Turns out his mama has pretty high standards. "My mom. She's hard to please," Ink says. "My mom, her quote is always 'if you can't get me diamonds, then it doesn't even matter.' She pretty stuck up like that."

Peep the festive interview below.