As we learned over the weekend, Kid Cudi will be playing assistant to Jeremy Piven's iconic character Ari Gold in the upcoming "Entourage" movie, and today, both dudes are on the cover of Complex discussing the new film. Check out the cover itself in the gallery above, and read some excerpts from the interview below.

The two of you make for an odd couple. What was your dynamic like working together?

KC: The first day, he roused me up. He was fucking with me, but in a good way. I was scared shitless, too.

JP: It’s actually perfect for his character.

KC: That’s what I’m saying. I used it. I wanted to shit myself. My character is [in a scene] interrupting a big meeting. Jeremy’s like: “How DARE YOU fucking WALK IN this meeting?!” He could bite your head off no matter what the fuck he’s telling you, on the first day. [Laughs.]

JP: In the movie, I’m in a meeting with the entire PR department of the studio, and Cudi interrupts it, and the last thing my character wants is to be interrupted. So I kept fucking with Cudi, and screaming at him, just to throw him off. That’s the nature of the relationship of the two characters. Cudi was totally present, and smart enough to allow himself to be scared.

KC: And it was scary. [Laughs.]

Ari Gold is known for bullying his assistants, but the dynamic now is Cudi’s character wanting to be perfect, and self-punishing, rather than the badgering coming from Ari.

KC: There’s a nurturing that my character’s looking for. A mentor figure. It goes back to what you were asking about before: Some people do look at Ari Gold like he’s the fucking man. Some people look up to that. I chose to make my character that kid. He’s the guy looking at Ari Gold like, “Yo man, I’m a douche because of you.” My character gets mad at himself for messing up even before Ari does, whereas Lloyd may not have seen his faults at first.

JP: Cudi doesn’t have endless amounts of screen time, but he makes it all count. You can see a dimensional character. You see him taking the punishment, and punishing himself. Most actors wouldn’t have taken it there; I thought it was cool.

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