Khia, best known for her single "My Neck, My Back" from the mid-2000's has taken to the Internet to speak her mind on a trio of women who have been known to grab a headline or two: Cardi B, Blac Chyna and Trina.

The common denominator here is that all three women have a a history as either strippers and/or the escort business. With that in mind, Khia said that she has more respect for someone like Cardi B because at least she's come out and been truthful about her past. "Cardi B was a stripper, Cardi B was a hoe, Cardi B got her money and she was proud to say it," explained Khia, who compared that to Trina's denial of her past in those lines of work. However, as scathing as that might seem to some, things got even more heated on Khia's part when the conversation turned to Blac Chyna.

When asked about Chyna and her well-documented split from Rob Kardashian, Khia laid it down very simply. "All I wanted her to do [...] when she got with Rob, was to be a real bitch," she said, explaining that Chyna just had to avoid certain bad decisions and none of the social media meltdown that the public was privy too every step of the way would've happened.

Check out all her comments in the video below.