The concept of entertainers undergo plastic surgery to fit current beauty trends has a long history. While the details of these standards change alongside evolving cosmetic technology, the procedures meant to beautify physical appearance seem to have multiplied, or rather, people's transparency about their enhancements has grown. Khia is the latest public figure to flaunt a new look.

The "My Neck, My Back" artist was filmed showing off the new curves she acquired by going under the knife. Khia seems pleased with her purchase, thanking the doctor who is responsible for her transformation.

“Hey, this is your girl, Khia, the day after surgery! I got my curves and I’m feeling curvalicious. Thank you, Dr. Curves"

The new look arrives in time for the release of new music set for release next week. The new material seems perfect for twerking her new jelly. Check out the preview below.

As anyone can imagine, social media are reacting to her decision to change her shape. A lot of her fans simply commented on this fact, anticipating a slew of critiques about the rapper's choice.

One commenter weighed in stating, “Now the bitter Betty’s gonna try to talk about your teeth.” Khia's reply was sassy: “I paid for the ass, they gotta pay for the teeth #IfYouWantItYouGotToSpendItBaby.”