Khabib Nurmagomedov has had to endure a lot of backlash from Conor McGregor after falling on his bad side, resulting in both men developing quite a distaste for one another to the point where a UFC matchup became an inevitability. Those prospects became a reality after Conor was reinstated as a UFC fighter this past week, signing a 6-fight bridge deal which will commence with a statement of purpose. You guessed it: a tilt with his bitter rival from Russia, Nurmagomedov.

Besides the personal implications governing the fight, Khabib Nurmegomedov wants to make one thing clear: Conor McGregor is not good for the sport, because he doesn't buy into the suggested "good guy" model of conduct. Khabib would rather see a role model "like himself" hog (or share) the spotlight.

After Friday's presser, TMZ tracked Khabib down for a quick primer for the October 6th fight. His response to Conor's leaving him no room edgewise at the presser was as measured as you'd expect of a fighter who prefers to build his case inside the octagon. His message to the public: "This is what I don't like when too much people cursing," Khabib said. "Too many young guys like follow us .. I don't want to be a bad example for young generation people."

Who are you picking at UFC 229?