Kevin Smith, known for his stoner comedy and certainly not his fitness, has gone through a drastic transformation this year and has shared the results on his Twitter and Instagram. The transformation, of more than 50 pounds, came after Smith had a heart attack early in 2018 and his doctor counselled him that to lose 50 pounds would be "the best thing [he could] do."

Smith told ET that: "I just assumed I'd be fat my whole life and I'd never see my high school weight again or any of those things. But after the heart attack, suddenly I was like, all right, I never want to be back in that room again with someone going up my groin to get to my heart through my femoral artery, telling me that there is a 20 percent chance that I will live, and 80 percent chance I'll die."

Smith's transformation, aside from being seemingly supported by a Weight Watchers sponsorship, has had an effect on his fans:

The "not fitting on an airplane" incident refers to when, in 2010, Smith was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight because he "needed more than one seat to complete his flight." The incident caused a controversy at the time and Smith was an outspoken critic of the policy: