Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes sat down at West Hollywood’s Herbarium Recreation Dispensary earlier this week to meet with fans and promote three unique strands of weed for sale. The strains were made in partnership with Caviar Gold and are named Snoogans, Snoochie, and Berzerker to fall in line with Mewes’ catchphrases from the film Clerks.

"It's amazing. It’s cool because the movies have been based on our characters. They sold weed and they did it illegally. When Kevin wrote Clerks, he based Jay on me 100 percent. That’s what I acted like, that’s what I did. Everything but sold weed. So it's really cool that so many years later that Jay can actually sell weed and sell it legally. It really made the character come full circle and made me Jason Mewes come full circle."

Smith added, "After 25 years of being fake weed dealers, it feels nice to be real weed dealers. It’s amazing. In terms of the movie, I was always hoping that when the movie comes out the weed will be out there. And the movie will go away quicker than the weed ever will so I’m kind of hoping that the weed just kind of keeps going. It would be a nice legacy for the flick."

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will arrive in theaters on Oct. 15.