Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko Parrish have been the subjects of Hollywood's latest high-profile sex scandal since Sunday (September 17th). It began with a remorseful video that Hart posted on his Instagram page, saying that he had to "do better" for his kids and family. He's become the subject of a reported extortion scheme where, if he doesn't pay a large sum of money estimated to be in the seven to eight figure range, an incriminating sex video would be released. It's not the kind of movie he'd like to be starring in these days, but Hart's reps have refused to comment officially so far, due to the ongoing investigation by law enforcement officials. Hart's wife Eniko, who is currently pregnant with their child, also remained silent in the face of a barrage of paparazzi question yesterday afternoon. After reports surfaced last night that the woman seen in Hart's car earlier in the summer isn't the same person in the alleged video, we now have the identity of the comedian's supposed sex tape co-star. 

[Image via Twitter]

According to TMZ, her name is Montia Sabbag and she plies her trade as a traveling stripper. She's 27 years old, resides in Long Beach, CA and met Hart while he was in Las Vegas enjoying a wild weekend back in August.  The two are seen in the first few frames of the video in a still photograph. There's no way of telling who's on the bed in the more explicit sequence of the tape, but apparently two people who look like Kevin and Montia are seen strutting around, at least partially disrobed, after the bed scene. Montia is denying that she had anything to do with the shooting of the much-talked about footage, but those investigating the case are having second thoughts about that. As per an earlier TMZ report, when Hart's team got in touch with her, the woman's lawyer stated that, only if Kevin paid her $420,000, would she sit for a lie detector test. The extortionist also supposedly tried to get at least one media outlet, though it is not known who exactly, to pay $15 million for the video in its entirety.

We'll be keeping you updated with more details about this story as it develops.