Just yesterday we posted about Kevin Hart and his moves to possibly star in an upcoming live-action Monopoly film, based on the iconic board game. It seems as though a new day brings on new opportunities for the Night School actor since reports from Deadline say he's set to star in the upcoming film,  Fatherhood. 

The movie is based on the memoir Two Kisses For Maddy: A Memoir Of Loss & Love about a father, Matt Logelin, who lost his wife during the birth of their first child and becomes the sole caretaker for a newborn daughter. The publication details how a nationwide casting search will take place to find the perfect girl to play the daughter, Maddy. 

“When I started reading this script, I was immediately touched and brought to tears,” Kevin said in a statement. “At HartBeat, we seek to provide the audience with stories that evoke true emotions and this story does just that. Our hope is to bring honor to the Logelin family, and we are thrilled to be working with Sony, Paul, Temple Hill and Free Association on such an incredible project.”

Kevin even shared more words about the film on Instagram and how he's enjoying more drama-centric roles.

"The movie “Fatherhood” will give me a opportunity to expand and show my acting ability on a higher level," he wrote. "The road to greatness is a long one damn it....I’m so focused. Message to all....don’t ever be satisfied...always push for more...the sky is not the limit...neither is the moon."