Kevin Hart has been pretty consistent in terms of contributing to cinematic hits. The comedian earned his latest win this past weekend with Night School. The movie in which he stars opposite Tifanny Haddish topped this weekend's box office by raking in an estimated $28 million from theaters across North America.

The success of Night School is not only another notch in his acting career. His company HartBeat Productions is reeling in the acclaim and big bucks as well. The humorist hopped onto social media to celebrate his achievement while offering a quick jab to his haters. The dude millie rocks, chanting "My movie number one" in a kind of "FEFE" remix.

"The dance you do when you wake up & realize that you weren’t dreaming about having the #1 movie & the #1 comedy in theaters right now!!!!! “HartBeat Productions” has arrived damn it!!!! God is good....#NightSchool #NowPlaying #PissingMyHatersOffBySucceding #HustleHart  #ComedicRockStarShit "

One of the first people that comes to mind with the mention of "haters" is Katt Williams. The two have engaged in a kind of virtual feud after Williams decided to take shots at Hart's collaborator, Tifanny Haddish. Last week, Williams aimed at Hart once again, calling him a sellout and challenging him to a physical fight. The Night School star is clearly unbothered.