Michael Blackson and Kevin Hart were once embroiled in a dispute over some malicious comments the former made about the latter during a particularly trivial moment in his life. The What Now star endured a public scandal after photographic evidence revealed that he had cheated on his wife who was pregnant with their third child together. Hart released a video lamenting his serious flub before the incriminating images were even released, but this did not stop Blackson from making light of his friend's wrongdoing with a few comedic jabs.

Blackson released a video commenting on the situation in an amusing manner, telling the comedian to deny he had ever cheated on his wife even if the images prove otherwise. Hart was not humoured by the African-born jokester, equating him to a desperate Instagram model looking for likes. 

However, the two are putting the past behind them and calling a truce. The two were spotted at the 76ers game Monday night and appeared to be in good spirits. Georgia Reign, Blackson's girlfriend, posted an image on Instagram of the pair with a caption that reads "BOTH KINGS are welcomed in Wakanda, They're good." The image has since been deleted for unknown reasons, but is still available to view here.

The two long-time friends have worked past their hardship and reinstated their inimitable bond.