Kevin Gates may be the most active Instagram videographer in the game, constantly posting clips of himself ranting on a variety of topics, always making sure to sign off with his chosen mantra, "I don't get tired!". Last week, one of these videos took off, as it found Gates describing a sexual relationship he once had with his cousin. The Baton Rouge rapper stressed that he didn't know he was related to the woman when they began dating, but he did choose to continue seeing her after his grandmother broke the news to him.

The confession earned him an interview with TMZ, where he gleefully confirmed the story, and once again proved (as we've seen him do before with booty-eating) that there's no shame in his game. It comes as a surprise then, that the up-front rapper has now chosen to delete his entire filmography from the 'gram, and makes us think a publicist may be involved.

So far, he hasn't uploaded any more vlogs, but hopefully he'll be back at it soon.

We'll close with a reminder that despite the increasingly absurd headlines, Kevin Gates is an incredible rapper. His excellent new mixtape, Luca Brasi 2, can be downloaded here.