Kevin Durant got into an exchange with a number of his critics on Twitter who were upset the Nets star chose the Clippers to beat the Bucks in this year's finals, rather than the Lakers.

Kevin Durant, Fan, TwitterEmilee Chinn / Getty Images

One fan posted a ten-minute audio rant, which says in the description "Me going in on KD for his Clippers/Bucks Take, Why I Always Slander Him, His Pattern of Hoe Behavior." 

"Somebody’s pissed," Durant wrote in the replies to the fan. "I have hurt a lot of people personally with my prediction, for their well being, I take it back..Lakers in 1."

"Look at this beta male wierdo now he went and followed my girl. LMAOOOO. KD is a certified WIERDO," the fan then tweeted, with screenshots of notifications showing that Durant followed his girlfriend on Twitter. "Why are you such a wierdo? You are too wealthy for this. You really went and followed my girl thats why she BLOCKED YOU wierdo @KDTrey5."

"My bad, I accidentally pressed follow and liked all her pics, my phone tripping," Durant replied.

The fan continued, "You just proving that everything I said was true. You really move like a H O E."

"Lol you're enjoying this experience. You won’t forget about this day...ever!!," Durant finished.

Check out the tweets below.