Kevin Durant helped deliver back-to-back NBA championships during his three seasons with the Golden State Warriors, earning an NBA Finals MVP along the way and cementing himself as a Bay Area legend. That last part comes from Durant himself.

During a recent discussion with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on their "All The Smoke" Podcast, KD spoke candidly about the Bay, revealing how he truly feels his legacy will be remembered. 

Says Durant, "Man it's like a different culture - it don't even feel like you're in California, the Bay is just it's own thing. Being there I just really felt like I stamped myself as a legend in the Bay." KD notes that he isn't necessarily comparing himself to San Francisco 49ers legends Jerry Rice and Joe Montana that actually won in the Bay, but adds, "you got us winning back-to-back in the Bay, it's like, 'shit,' that's forever so I'm really proud of that."

In his three seasons with the Warriors, Durant averaged 25.8 points to go along with 7.1 rebounds and 5.4 assists per game. As we know, the Warriors were on the cusp of a three-peat when KD suffered a devastating achilles injury that has kept him out of action since the 2019 Finals.

Check out some more clips from his appearance on the "All The Smoke" Podcast below.