No one has had a better first half of the year than Kendrick Lamar and his album sales stats reflect that thus far.

According to data make public on Twitter, Kendrick's latest album DAMN. is the best-selling LP of 2017 so far. It's being judged on Sales Plus Streaming (SPS) numbers in the United States only.

He's beat out stiff competition, including fellow rap icon Drake, to take the top spot through six months. Though Drizzy's More Life may have outsold Kendrick in a comparison of first weeks, DAMN. has certainly been more consistent with its numbers week-to-week since then. What's even more impressive is how he's risen to the top of a very crowded and talented heap, with no less than 10 hip-hop albums boasts 100k and over sales in their debut weeks on the charts, as per DJ Booth. In 2016, only eight did that over an entire calendar year.

Big ups to Kendrick for the accomplishment!